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Nordmel Honey

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This is a simple story of two men, who loved making honey and wanted to share their passion with the world. The founders of Nordmel, Peeter and Timo, are lifelong friends since kindergarten. Their childhood was spent in the incredible pristine nature of Soomaa national park, in its forests of tall Scots pines with diverse displays of herbs. From the dephts of Soomaa is where our thick viscous honey gets its beneficial herbal nature, from plants such as fireweed, dandelion, raspberry, heather, meadowsweet and many other medicial plants.

Estonian honey is full of antioxidants and it has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which have been utilised by generations of traditional medicine. It is also delicious! You can sweeten cakes, pastries, and porridge; every Sunday morning the Estonian children munch on pancakes covered in delicious golden Nordmel honey. Honey makes life sweet!

Nordmel'i meeskond

Liis Riitmuru

Müügijuht Eestis

Peeter Matson

Mesinik, Müük eksport, Tehnika, Ost

Taro Yoda

Beekeeper, Sales director in Japan

Timo Riitmuru

Mesinik, Pakendamine, Pakkematerjalid

Urmo Kase

Tarneahela juht